leggings, shorts & skorts…oh my!

Hey there! I’m trying my hand at finally blogging for my website. I must say, it’s not as easy as one may think! However, I just want to keep it real & relevant so I’m christening this blog by discussing my summer time every day wardrobe struggle. I guess it’s because I’m getting older, but every summer I feel like I don’t know what to wear anymore when it comes to every day casual wear…especially when it comes to my bottom half! What’s appropriate, what’s inappropriate, does this hang out, is this too short, is this too low rise…the list goes on & on! At least I know I’m not alone, I do have several girlfriends who voice the same summer time struggles. I don’t think it would be such a struggle for us thirforty-somethings (& older) if we had a little bit more to choose from in every day casual wear.

You guys know I love my leggings, however, there are times I need/want to wear something else, but what? Shorts, skorts, skirts, jeans (bring on the hot flashes)? Let’s face it, it’s slim pickens for us thirforty-somethings! I do however have some favs that I pull out summer after summer that I want to share with you. Since I live in Lexington, KY and the summer heat index is basically what Hell must feel like, I’m not even discussing jeans. These are of course an option for those who live in less “Hell-like” temps or those who are looking to detox by sweating every once of water out of their body. I, on the other-hand, do not fit in to either of those scenarios & therefore will stick to more comfortable, cool options. Links to websites are attached to ALL of the pics below…just click & shop!

 Let’s start out with the obvious for me…LEGGINGS! I do love my leggings year round & in the hot summer months I have 3 words for you, Moisture. Wicking. Fabric…get to know it, it’s your friend in hot weather. My goal in the summer is to get a workout in at least 4 days a week. I’m busy between running a small business plus my daughters are on summer break from school. Needless to say, there’s not a whole lot of dressing up going on around here. If you see me on a daily basis, this is pretty much my look…don’t be jealous. On the left is basically what I work out in. As my sweet husband puts it, I “sweat like a man” when I workout, so minimal clothing is necessary. I hate working out in shorts, so I love a good to-the-knee capri & a tank. Afterwards there’s usually some errands to be run, so I throw on a t-shirt or change my tank top, add my coveRump, for obvious reasons, but just in case you don’t know what coveRumps are…they’re layering skirts that cover your rump (hence the name) when your top doesn’t. GapFit & Lululemon have great options for the to-the-knee athletic capri

IMG_1485GapFit gFast Shirred Cropped CaprisLululemon Seamlessly Street Crop

Just a little PSA about wearing your leggings ladies, unless you think this look is flattering, & some of you just might (totally not judging), you may want to invest in a coveRump or two, just saying. No more panty line probs. Cellulite? Who cares…you have coveRumps on.

IMG_1814   IMG_3571

Next up…SHORTS! Really, I’ve come to the conclusion, I’m not much of a “short wearing person”. To me, they’re just not very comfy, I feel like some bunch up when you walk, they’re either too short or too long in most cases. I don’t care for khaki & don’t even get me started on jean shorts! Jean shorts could be the most uncomfortable, unflattering shorts on me. I see cut-off jean shorts are making a come back…I’m sorry, no one wants to see Mommy-dukes (that’s right…I termed it) on any thirforty-something in my opinion. I have found a short I’m fond of & it’s the fun little crochet short. I love them because they are comfortable, flattering & cute! I like to throw my crochet shorts on to meet friends for lunch or grab a casual dinner out with my hubs. You can sport your flip-flops or cute strappy wedges with these versatile shorts. I even wear them as a swimsuit cover-up to the pool or at the beach! My crochet shorts are so old, I can’t even remember where I originally purchased them. I found similar at Express which I have pictured below.

Ivory Crochet ShortsExpress Blue Crochet Shortnew_85_300_6329_058_15

Lastly, I’m going to skip out on a skirt & go for a SKORT! I’ve tried many athletic skorts over the years. I’ll tell ya, you might spend most of your time while wearing, pulling the inside short down with every move. They can be quite uncomfortable. Then I tried Lululemon…Oh. My. Goodness! It was literally love-at-first-skort when I tried my first one on. I can move in every way, walk, run, skip, who cares because no matter what I do, I’m not pulling those darn shorts down underneath. I love the fabric they use on the short part. Let me tell you, my kids are on our neighborhood swim team during the summer & every Wednesday evening when we have a swim meet, it’s beyond hot outside. Unless you want to look like you took a dip in the pool yourself, you better be wearing some moisture wick fabric my friends. Athletic skorts are a wonderful option, even if you don’t want to splurge on Lululemon, go to TJ Maxx or Marshall’s & buy one. You may be pulling those shorts down, but that vs. sweating to death, is worth it.

Lululemon Pace Rival Skirt aLululemon Pace Rival Skirt bLW8570T_0001_1

I hope these options help you out when looking for the right bottoms to wear during these hot summer months. I also hope you enjoyed reading my first blog post. Cheers! Adrienne