About us

coveRumps® founder Adrienne Jones was frantically getting ready for work one morning when she realized the only clean pants she had were leggings and tops that were too short to be worn with them. Thinking quickly, she dissected a tank top and cut off the straps to form a band. She slipped that band around her hips/rump area & voila – fashion emergency solved!

Jones continued working on the design – she envisioned a skirt that was just the right length to cover this common problem area for women – that could easily slip over leggings & not add a bulky mess underneath. She knew she needed a fun, kitschy name & “coveRumps®” came to her quickly. After all, the product covers your rump!

coveRumps® are for every woman who has a love for layering and leggings, and, of course, has a rump!